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February 11, 2016



Ask The Expert - You and the Law

Mike Wells - Wells Liipfert Attorneys

Mike is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the Wake Forest University School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in North Carolina, West Virginia, and in numerous federal courts including the United States Supreme Court. He is a senior partner with the firm of Wells Liipfert where he concentrates in Wills and Estate Planning, Elder Law - including Medicaid Planning and Nursing Home Negligence, Real Estate, Civil Litigation, Mediation, and Bankruptcy. He is certified as a Superior Court Domestic and Workers Compensation mediator.

For more information, visit, or to contact Mike directly, call 336-283-8700.


Questions and Answers:

"Recently, I was in a serious auto accident and I'm wondering if it's time for me to change the limits on my insurance policy..."

"What is the first thing that I should do when handling an estate? Hire a lawyer?"

"How do I get my estate planning documents up to date?"

"I was in a fender bender I need a lawyer?"

"What is the first phone call I should make when I have a fender bender?"

"If I change my mind, isn't there a "3-day rule" when it comes to buying a vehicle?"

"I inherited some property and am about to get I need a pre-nup?"

"Can I use an LLC for my second business?"


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