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July 29, 2015



Ask The Expert - Pest Control

Scott McNeely

 Entomologist Scott McNeely is the President of McNeely Pest Control and a second-generation pest control operator with over 30 years of industry experience. McNeely Pest Control was founded in Winston-Salem, but has since expanded to serve clients in Greensboro, High Point, and throughout the Piedmont and NW North Carolina. The highly trained pest professionals at McNeely combine science with experience to provide effective, environmentally responsible residential and commercial extermination services. From quarterly pest managment to emergency wildlife removal, McNeely Pest Control offers the expertise needed to rid your home or business of unwanted guests.

Visit McNeely Pest online at or call 336-922-0606! 


Questions and Answers

"Stinkbugs are everywhere now...what are they and what can I do about them?!"

"I've moved into a house and it is infested with Carpenter Bees. I have sprayed them with everything I can think of...what can I do to get rid of them?"

"I need to know what is the best way to get rid of mice..."

"It's getting warmer and ants are taking over my!"

"There are bats in my attic, but I've heard they're good...should I remove them?"

"If I see a rodent in or around my home, does that mean there are more?"

"How do I make sure I don't have termites in my home?"

"Do I really need a regular pest control service in my home?"


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